BOSU® Advanced Programming Strategies

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Summary/description of BOSU® Advanced Programming Strategies:

Are you ready to elevate your BOSU® programming strategies and increase your value as a fitness professional? Learn how to create effective and exciting workouts with three unique templates that are designed to make BOSU® training more successful in your club, classes and training sessions. Experience dozens of new exercises, skills, drills and sequences, practice formatting them into workouts, and discover the best teaching and coaching techniques for each type of workout. Come prepared to be challenged with some advanced programming techniques, and walk away with a whole new perspective on BOSU® workouts and lots of fun new ideas that you can use on Monday morning!

Learning Outcomes: 

Learning outcomes the participant will gain through attending the BOSU Advanced Programming Strategies Course:

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
• Explain the benefits of good program design and how to manipulate workout formats to achieve specific training goals
• Demonstrate three Toolbox style programming sequences, with at least five modifications and variations for each base skill
• Using the Matrix programming style, demonstrate and explain 2 sequencing and timing options that could be used to organize movement patterns into a workout
• Effectively teach 2 Fusion style programming complexes that focus on multi-planar, multi-directional and multi-part movement patterns 
• Discuss the different teaching/coaching techniques that are most effective with each style of program design
Participants will receive the BOSU® Advanced Programming Strategies Manual

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