BOSU® Mindful Movement & Mobility

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Course Description: 

Summary/description of BOSU® Mindful Movement & Mobility Course:

In this evolved bodyweight training workshop, explore multi-dimensional methods to effectively create a stronger body and improve core function. Utilizing the unique features of the BOSU® Balance Trainer and the principles of fascial line training, learn movement complexes to build total body strength, stability and mobility, with a focus on integrated, mindful movement. Examine common mobility and stability imbalances and discover how to correct them by creating movement efficiency through the trunk, hips and shoulder complex. Practice breathing techniques that will enhance core activation and enrich the quality of every movement. Prepare to be challenged with advanced training techniques and new ideas!

Learning Outcomes: 

Learning outcomes the participant will gain through attending the BOSU® Mindful Movement & Mobility course:

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
• Explain the benefits of mindful movement training and the concept of movement quality over quantity
• Discuss and demonstrate examples of stability / mobility imbalances and appropriate solutions
• Understand the fascial matrix and principles of fascial line training
• Demonstrate detailed exercise breakdowns for each movement complex with progressions and regressions
• Teach 2 - 3 exercise complexes with breathing techniques and mindful movement cueing
Participants will receive the BOSU® Mindful Movement & Mobility Manual

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