Essentials of Sales & Marketing

About the Course
Course Description: 

The Sales & Marketing training program aims to provide you with the tools that are essential to develop your commercial potential as an entrepreneur.

The training is based on the model of "the three axes of commercial potential". Based on proven practical steps, you learn how to increase your turnover.

There are no pre-requisites to access this course.

Learning Outcomes: 

The student learns proven marketing techniques and he improves your commercial skills. The student will learn how to apply the model of "the 3 axes of the commercial potential", adapted to the profession of "Personal Trainer". He will also be provided with the right tools as a Personal Trainer for conducting "sales talks".

In summary, our goal is to help him increase your sales by learning a simple protocol that can be applied directly. For example, daring to approach the customer, taking stock of needs and convincing the customer of your added value and closing the deal.

Course Delivery