About the Course
Course Description: 

FSSAs Sports nutrition is an advanced level course that provides you with an understanding of the principles of sports nutrition and its practical application to both elite and recreational athletes. You will be required to examine the role of nutrition for the sports participant in terms of maintaining overall health, while meeting the specific demands of training and competition.


Pre requisite(s):
1.He /she should be minimum 18 years of age.
2.He should have worked in a gym/studio / health set up for a minimum of 1 year.
3.Any diploma/certification in fitness,health and wellness field

Learning Outcomes: 
  1. Describe the role of nutrition for health and sports performance
  2. Identify key dietary sources of macro and micro-nutrients and compare to dietary standards
  3. Perform and analyse physique assessment techniques
  4. Evaluate sports supplement use amongst individual athletes
  5. Apply hydration assessment techniques to developing intervention strategies for an athlete
Course Delivery
Learning Hours Awarded: 
Course Assessment: 
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Assessment Details: 

1.Online/Onsite MCQs (100), passing marks - 70%

2. Perform and analyse physique assessment techniques
You will perform basic body composition/physique assessment on an individual and interpret and document your results. The practical exam will be of 15 minutes
(20 marks, passing marks, 70%)

Accurately undertakes a physique assessment on an individual, using appropriate techniques and interpersonal skills.

3.Describe the role of nutrition for health and sports performance
The written exam will be of 2 hours duration.
(30 Marks, passing marks 70%)

Accurately recalls sports nutrition guidelines and appropriately applies these within the context of a physically active individual or athlete.
Accurately applies theoretical knowledge acquired during lectures to problem solving

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