Powerbox Instructor Training

About the Course
Course Description: 

Created by a National Level Ex Boxer and experts from the fitness industry PowerBox is a proven and effective fitness program that combines body weight and conditioning along with cardio and HIIT giving you and your clients an amazing experience.
In each class, you will lose calories, tone your bod, get stronger and fitter while learning some kick ass boxing moves.

Learning Outcomes: 

Learning Outcomes :

-- Boxing specific warm ups
– Guard and Stances explained
– Footwork decoded
– Shadow Boxing
– Boxing terminology
– Fundamental movements: Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut
– Combinations and techniques for beginner and intermediate level
– Preparation for a PowerBox Class
– Safety & Effectiveness in a PowerBox Class
– How to grow your clientele using PowerBox

Course Delivery
Learning Hours Awarded: 
Course Assessment: 
Course Check
Assessment Details: 

The Learner needs to sumbit their videos demonstrating the guard, the punches (jab,cross,hook and uppercut), stance / footwork (orthodox and south-paw), combinations with punches.