SURGE® Hydro Training System

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Summary/description of SURGE® Hydro Training System:

The SURGE® Hydro Training System delivers the ultimate reactive resistance experience. We’ve added the most volatile element on the planet to your programming to test clients in new and challenging ways. Designed to improve movement, strength and stability, SURGE® products use Hydro-Inertia® to destabilize the moving load, increasing maximal muscle recruitment and improving motor control. The SURGE® Storm Hydro Trainer and SURGE® Hydro Ball are featured in this comprehensive workshop, formulated to give you hands-on knowledge and proficiency in performance and programming. Experience the exercise libraries, methodology and coaching principles for SURGE® products and step into a future defined by water being the new steel.

Learning Outcomes: 

Learning outcomes the participant will gain through attending the SURGE® Hydro Training System Course:

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
• Discuss safety guidelines, grips and water actions for the SURGE® Storm Hydro Trainer and SURGE® Hydro Ball
• Demonstrate how various Hydro-Inertia® water actions affect movement for specific training outcomes
• Recognize the benefits of combining water motion into muscle loading and how elements of variation affect program design
• Demonstrate coaching and teaching techniques for different learning styles and skill levels

Participants will receive the SURGE® Hydro Training System Manual

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