Synrgy Introduction Workshop

About the Course
Course Description: 

To equip the learners with the knowledge, skills and confidence to utilise different exercises associated with the Life Fitness Synrgy 360. [This is not a Small Group Training Course; this is about the exercises that can be performed on Synrgy 360]

Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of the course the learner will be able to:
• Identify the different Synrgy 360 exercises
• Demonstrate safe and effective exercise technique on a range of Synrgy 360 exercise
• Teach a range of Synrgy 360 exercises [1 to 1]
• State Synrgy 360 exercise progression and regressions
• Recognise the benefits of Small Group Training using Synrgy 360

Course Delivery
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Assessment Details: 

Summative assesment details can be found in the learner file, together with practical assesment checklist 

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