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Cross Training Concept is a functional group training, small group and personal training (1 on 1) pre-structure program with barbell, dumbbells, mat, step and bodyweight.

Strength aerobic and anaerobic training in various combinations will take you off. For all of you seeking a new challenge in your training and asking for something pioneering, cross training is suitable for you.

With a big variety of exercises and combinations the progress of a class is continuous and gives the instructor the opportunity to continuously update his program by keeping undiminished his clients interest, making each class a new challenge. There is no monotony in a class of Cross Training.

A certified instructor receives the basic principles and structures of a program from Master Trainers, he/she then adds his personal style and drives the class into his own paths. In this way each class is unique without trapping the instructor in a strict and copy paste performance of choreographed class, One thing is certain. Participation in a Cross Training Concept Class will change the way you face group programs until today and will transmute it into what it ought to be EXPERIENCE...


Learning Outcomes: 

Functional Training for healthy adults. 

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Course Assessment: 
Course Check
Assessment Details: 

Course assessment:

1. Written exams about:
⁃ Functional training philosophy
⁃ Types of training
⁃ Safety rules
⁃ Cross training concept program

2. Practical exams:
⁃ Coaching
⁃ Performance
⁃ levels of exercises ( easy - difficult )
⁃ exercises technique

3. Video from trainees