Beast Battle Ropes: An ACE Integrated Fitness Training Model-Based Workout

Beast Battle Ropes: An ACE Integrated Fitness Training Model-Based Workout

The best concepts in health and fitness are the ones that immediately translate to real-world, real-life experiences and provide an easy bridge between the idea and the experience each person has in his or her own body. They create a physical “a-ha moment.” With an understanding of how what you do in a workout correlates with what you do outside of it, daily tasks are done with a potentially greater sense of proprioception and body awareness.

As a health and fitness professional, you have an opportunity to enhance this awakening in every client. You cannot assume they will be able to make these connections on their own. For example, you need to help them understand that the hip flexion with neutral spine they develop in a deadlift is the same method they’ll use to pick up a heavy box or bag of dog food. Making that connection between movement training and real life is at the core of the ACE Integrated Fitness Training® (ACE IFT®) Model, which provides a framework for developing stability or mobility as appropriate in a specific area of the body (phase 1), reintegrating it into full-body movement (phase 2), adding external load and creating a stimulus for strength gains (phase 3) and increasing movement speed to develop bodily control (phase 4).

Click on the link to go to a workout featuring the Beast Battle Rope and the Son of the Beast Rope by Stroops was created using the ACE IFT Model as a guide. The Beast Battle and Son of the Beast Ropes are made of sleeved braided elastic, which makes it possible to both see and feel the quality of the movement. When you pull on these ropes, they pull back. This delivers significant proprioceptive feedback that is not available when using rigid ropes. Beast Battle Ropes are noticeably lighter as well, which makes them more practical for transport when training clients outside of a traditional gym setting.

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