Mind map your continuing education plan for 2020

Dec 13th, 2019
Are you contemplating following a new course or extend your scope of practise by learning new skills? Do you find yourself pondering if continuing education is worth the time and money? Why not plan for your future – starting with a Lifelong learning plan for 2020 – with the steps we propose on our blog: Step 1: Brainstorming A brainstorm is a thinking process commonly used in study and work situations. It can be done individually or in a... + continue reading

PSC recognises outstanding contributions

Dec 10th, 2019
At the recent Copenhagen ISM Julian Berriman the Director of EuropeActive's Professional Standards Committee (PSC) presented both Rita Santos Rocha, Professor from the Escola Superior de Desporto de Rio Maior (port Sciences School of Rio Maior) and Simona Pajaujiene (Programme Director at LAFC Lithuanian Association of Fitness Clubs and Co-founder and Director at ActiveTraining) with an honorary award for their... + continue reading

EuropeActive’s 10th International Standards Meeting proved a huge success

Nov 26th, 2019
EREPS' parent organisation EuropeActive hosted the 10th edition of its International Standards Meeting (ISM) on November 21st and 22nd 2019 in Copenhagen at the Black Diamond Building. This year’s theme focused on Differentiation and Specialisation, vital concepts to thrive in Personal Training. EuropeActive’s main event for training providers, employers, practitioners and other stakeholders from the fitness industry successfully covered key... + continue reading

EREPS collaborates with ACSM to help identify fitness trends in Europe

Nov 15th, 2019
Thanks to an important collaboration between the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS), a European survey on fitness trends is now a reality. Alexis Batrakoulis, the Professional Standards Committee’s Deputy Director for EREPS, has served as the study’s author. The survey results showed that the European health and fitness sector is systematically growing with the number of... + continue reading

Exercising helps to reduce Damage during Chemotherapy

Nov 08th, 2019
It is a well-known fact that people should exercise and get involved in any kind of physical activity in order to stay healthy. Exercising is essential in order to maintain a healthier body and mind, and it can be a decisive factor in the prevention of diseases. A paper published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, a journal of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), suggests that exercise is essential for patients diagnosed... + continue reading

5 Ways to Stay on Top of your Game as a Group Fitness Instructor

Nov 07th, 2019
Teaching group fitness is a fun thing to do, but it’s also a job with great responsibilities. Any EREPS registered Group Fitness Instructor will tell you just that. Seeing the same people doing the same thing all the time can also be exhausting, not to mention the risk of overuse injury for yourself. Here are 5 ways to make sure you can stay on top of your game – and fully enjoy being a professional that is actively changing lives. 1.... + continue reading

PSC Director visits Athens to underline the support for GREPS

Oct 30th, 2019
Julian Berriman is the Director of the Professional Standards Committee of EuropeActive. This commitee is the leading body in developing the occupations and registration of professionals of the European health and fitness sector, with EREPS - the European Register of Exercise Professionals - being the centre of all. The committee also monitors the developments across and outside the industry to ensure that the European framework and standards... + continue reading

OECD’s New Report shows Heavy Burden of Obesity in Europe and beyond

Oct 22nd, 2019
  Almost a decade after their first publication on obesity (2010), OECD is back with new study results – and they do not paint a pretty picture. In 2010 about one in five people in OECD countries were obese, the current report ‘Heavy Burden of Obesity: The Economics of Prevention’ shows this has now risen to nearly one in four, not only decreasing the overall health of Europeans, but also affecting their economies. In the vast majority of... + continue reading

More than 100,000 vacancies open for fitness professionals in the EU

Oct 17th, 2019
Last April one could read on the EuropeActive’s blog about the need for fitness professionals (~90,000) in the member states of the EU. An update of these numbers came in recently, by CEDEFOP's work on analysing recent job vacancies. The find: the current European labour market has 103,481 online vacancies for fitness and recreation instructors. By analysing online job vacancies published between 1 July 2018 and 31 December 2018, the Center for... + continue reading

This was the 2019 European Week of Sport (23-30 September)

Oct 07th, 2019
The European Week of Sport (EWoS) officially started on Monday, 23rd September 2019 in Espoo, Finland. The 2019 edition turned out to be the biggest one yet, as it saw 42 countries participating, with 50.753 different events taking place. All in all a total of 13.643.492 people were active at some time during the Week. An amazing performance!  The EWoS is the moment of the year were millions of people come together to participate... + continue reading