Personal Trainer
Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport, Youth and Tourism (GTSOLIFK) Sirenevy Boulevard, 4 ,105122 Moscow, Russian Federation

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Personal Trainer

This is an accredited course and graduates will be entered on to EREPS (by the training provider) with the following status;
Personal Trainer (EQF level 4)

This unit prepares the learner for work as a Personal Trainer. The emphasis is made on the students’ ability to develop individual fitness programs, organize and hold training sessions for all categories of people; correctly perform and demonstrate exercises; consult on changing the lifestyle and on rational balanced nutrition.

The Personal Trainer is made up of 9 units:

  1. Basics of anatomy of human musculoskeletal system
  2. Physiological basics of muscular activity
  3. Biomechancis
  4. Theory and practice of fitness training
  5. Specifics of organization and holding of training sessions for individuals with health restraints
  6. Methodology of building a fitness training session with children, teenagers, elderly people and women
  7. Program for body weight decrease through reduction of adipose tissue
  8. Successful professional activity of a personal trainer (marketing of the "personal training" service, motivation)
  9. Control of the client's health condition

By the end of the program, the learners will be able to:

  • Find out the client's readiness for loads by means of a questionnaire survey, testing, and screening;
  • Forecast, determine, and plan real and measurable targets and tasks in accordance with the client's targets and his/her physical condition;
  • Develop a fitness program (plan the load direction and amount, load progression, organize periodization depending on the training process stages)
  • Organize and hold training sessions: teach to perform exercises, correct the exercising technique, safeguard the client during performance of exercises;
  • Carry out operative and current control over the client's physical condition and his/her ability to bear the loads.
  • Based on their knowledge of physiology, consult and provide recommendations in respect of formation of healthy lifestyle and rational balanced nutrition. Calculate the energy balance and individual need in macronutrients, create the recommended food ration;
  • Motivate the client for regular training and healthy lifestyle
  • Provide pre-doctor care in cases of acute pathological conditions

Method of Assessment: Anatomy: test , Physiology: test , Theory and methodology of fitness training: oral exam

Skills for development of an individual fitness program: case

Skills for demonstration, teaching and correction of exercises; practical test (demonstration of skills on an assistant playing the role of a client)

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Friday, 5 August, 2016
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38 500 rubles
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