EREPS Membership Registration

Entry to EREPS is subject to the applicant holding qualifications in exercise and fitness at a recognised level that meet EHFA standards and the holding of adequate liability insurance for the purposes of registration. The recommended minimum level of cover is €5,000,000 however we understand that this may change from country to country. We suggest you speak to national insurers who will advise on a suitable level for the country in which you practice. EREPS understand the national picture and will accept whatever is the recommended level of cover.

EREPS Membership
EREPS Registration

EREPS Membership is for those instructors who already have their own insurance cover or are covered by their employers policy. If you do not have insurance you should arrange cover before applying for membership.

Please note...the minimum age for joining EREPS is 18.
EREPS Qualifications & Training


  1. Select which EREPS level you are applying for.
  2. Confirm agreement to the Code of Practice.
  3. Upload your CV.
  4. Give details of your qualifications in exercise and fitness detailing the name of the qualification, training provider/university and date of completion.
  5. Upload any scanned copies of certificates and an industry CV to support your application.
  6. Level 6 ONLY - upload degree certificate and supplement.


EREPS Newsletters & Alerts

EREPS keeps members regularly informed about industry trends, news and offers from partners through newsletters and news alerts. If you do not wish to receive such communication please tick the box below.

Please note...even if you choose not to receive such correspondence you will still, as a member, be notified by email in relation to your membership status, i.e. welcome email, renewal reminder email etc