Registration Process

An application for registration is made through this website – click on “JOIN EREPS”. The annual registration fee is 30 euro and registration lasts for 1 year. When making an application you will be asked to upload copies of your relevant fitness certifications (qualifications) together with a resume (curriculum vitae) of your fitness industry experience and any other appropriate supporting statement. Your application for registration will then be considered and if any clarification or additional information is required you will be contacted by our administrator. For fitness trainers applying in countries where there are national registers they can go through either the main EREPS website – or direct to their national register portal.

When your application and payment are received they will be checked for compliance and equivalency against the EuropeActive standards, and a status of registration will be awarded. This status can be either full or provisional. Members who are admitted to the Register will be sent an email of confirmation together with their unique certificate of registration that will give their status and EQF level equivalency, and this information will be added to our website directory of members.

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Most graduates of accredited training companies will have their details sent direct to EREPS for registration and each trainer will be sent a separate email confirming their status, together with their unique certificate of registration.

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Certificates of registration

Each member of EREPS will be provided with a certificate of registration that confirms compliance with our Code of Ethical Practice, and when their membership expires. Membership of EREPS is an annual requirement and members will be sent a reminder to re-register.

The certification of registration will give the main occupation and EQF equivalent level. Members of the Register are invited to add a personal statement and other information about their skills, place of work, etc.

To see a copy of the Code of Ethical Practice click here