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iamYiam is an award winning preventive personalised digital health “doctor". The company combines big health data, genetics and academic research - and - with the help of 4 proprietary AI/ML based algorithms delivers a personalised activity & nutritional requirements plan that is to be executed though the platform of vetted therapists and curated supplements . iamYiam Limited and the iamYiam Foundation are all about science backed preventive health and customised care that fast tracks the progress on ones health across ones life journey – from childhood to retirement.

iamYiam’s mission is to enhance the health & wellbeing of 1bn people by 2025.

Combining contemporary scientific research with traditional health practices, iamYiam has already been recognised in its field and awarded the Seal of Excellence for Research and Innovation from the European Commission in Aug 2016, named the Leading Luxury Trend by FORBES Mag in Jan 2017 and in the top 10 of UKs Health Tech to watch in 2017.

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iamYiam are offering 20% discount on their health plan solution.