Operator Champion Programme

What is an EREPS Operator Champion?

An EREPS Operator Champion is an employer who recognises and supports EREPS as the independent register of qualified and professional instructors and trainers working across Europe in the exercise and fitness industry.

In this respect EREPS Operator Champions must:

  • Ensure that wherever possible their on-site staff are registered with EREPS
  • Champion and respect the EREPS Code of Ethical Practice
  • Actively recruit EREPS registered instructors and trainers
  • Support their EREPS registered employees to meet their continued professional development (CPD) requirements of registration
  • Attend EREPS Operator Champion annual forums hosted by EuropeActive and where possible other EuropeActive and EREPS events
  • Actively promote EREPS by displaying the EREPS Champion logo within their clubs and through their various communication channels

What can Operator Champions expect from EREPS

We can offer the following additional advantages through our Corporate Registration Scheme:

  • Discounted registration fees are available for EREPS Champions wishing to register their staff on EREPS
  • Reports providing management information on the qualification status of your staff
  • Comprehensive skills analysis reports providing details of categories and levels of instructor registration. These reports will allow employers to compare their position against other European employers
  • Use of the EREPS Champion logo along with additional joint marketing and communication opportunities
  • Your commitment to EREPs and your corporate logo will be published on the EREPS Champions page of the EREPS website
  • The opportunity to post job vacancies on the EREPS Job’s Board free of charge
  • Discounted rates for a variety of EuropeActive events including the European Health and Fitness Forum and the International Standards Meeting
  • Opportunities for staff to attend EREPS events including the European Training Convention at FIBO at discounted rates
  • A dedicated Account Manager to keep you informed of the registration status of all your staff


EuropeActive has been a supporter and promoter of some of the big European concepts on the best ways of developing and recognising the skills of fitness workers. The EREPS Programme and accreditation of training providers is helping to raise the bar for quality assurance and service delivery. By becoming an EREPS Operator Champion, employers and operators can seize the initiative and, with true entrepreneurial skills place themselves at the forefront of workforce development and support in the fitness sector.

To help support this growth and to meet new challenges and opportunities the EuropeActive Professional Standards Committee is actively developing some new concepts at a European level to improve the skills and supply of trainers to work in fitness. Some new standards for personal trainers, a common approach to teaching and examining the trainers, and an enhanced EREPS scheme are all on the way. EuropeActive is committed to driving up standards and to pursue the professionalising of the sector – a job it started in 2008 and is continuing today with new results and better outcomes.

Keep up to date at www.europeactive.eu


Raising and developing skills for exercise professionals is more important than ever with new opportunities and responsibilities for the fitness industry to fully play its part in getting more people, more active, more often. Fitness is already the largest participation “sport” at a European level and the sector is growing by 3-4% a year so the competition for highskilled and motivated fitness staff is increasing.

Whether in the public or private sector, employers of all sizes will benefit from employing EREPs registered instructors. A professional and qualified workforce with the knowledge, skills and experience to do the job is at the heart of improved business performance in the fitness sector.

Some of the potential benefits of employing EREPS recognised professionals include:

Improved business performance through the retention of staff and members

  • Increased labour pool of high quality exercise professionals
  • A structure for the mobility of workers across Europe
  • Provides a career structure for lifelong learning and continuous professional development improving the chances of retaining staff
  • Employers have a route to check and validate the qualifications of their staff – ‘great clubs need great staff’
  • The range of qualification categories included on EREPS means that employers can recruit staff with a variety of relevant skills to best meet customer needs
  • Increasing levels of interaction with other health professionals requires higher skilled exercise professionals with a greater level of proven professional credibility