Lifelong Learning

About Lifelong Learning

The EREPS Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) is designed to support its members wishing to progress and thrive within their sector of professional practice.

A commitment to lifelong learning or continued professional development can be seen as having a number of purposes:

  • keeping up-to-date to ensure safe practice
  • improving and broadening knowledge and skills
  • developing personal qualities necessary to execute professional and technical duties

EREPS members may attend formal training courses, workshops, engage in online learning, attend industry events or conferences or, read relevant books, journals and articles. Lifelong learning covers all these learning inputs.

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A list of Lifelong Learning may be found below.

Regional fat loss training & High energy expenditure training with chain and fluiball

 Type: Course - Face to Face  Learning Hours: 2

L’allenamento è in grado di contribuire specificatamente al dimagrimento localizzato?

Nel 2007 ELAV pose l’attenzione sulle prime evidenze sperimentali presentate in letteratura internazionale a supporto degli effetti dimagranti localizzati ottenuti con modelli di allenamento molto...

 Country: Italy  Language: Italian



 Type: Course - Face to Face  Learning Hours: 5

A two day specialist training course which includes:

  • History and meaning of functional strength training
  • Understanding kinesiology and biomechanical factors that influence human movement
  • Exercise science concepts in FST
  • FST techniques – using...

 Country: Asia, India  Language: English, Hindi

Fitness and Sports Sciences Association

Exercise for Overweight and Obesity: Bridging Theory and Practice

 Type: Course - Face to Face  Learning Hours: 10

An interactive workshop where theory meets practical application for exercise professionals who seek to apply an individualized approach, and assess and motivate physically inactive adults suffered from obesity to an active and healthy lifestyle.

During this educational course the...

 Country: Worldwide  Language: English

Alexis Batrakoulis