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National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)


Corrective Exercise Specialist


The CES was developed in response to the growing need for professionals with the ability to assist clients experiencing: musculoskeletal impairments, muscle imbalances, and/or rehabilitation concerns.  This credential provides the advanced knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully work with clients suffering from these injuries.

Learning Outcomes:

The NASM Corrective Exercise Specialization (NASM-CES) is a proven program that can be applied to reduce muscular dysfunction and help your clients move, feel and live better.
The NASM-CES teaches you how to use a variety of static and dynamic assessments to identify imbalances and use the results to design effective programs for your clients with the Corrective Exercise Continuum (CEx).
The CEx is a simple yet highly effective four-step process fitness professionals can use with their clients and athletes to improve, and ultimately, correct common movement compensations.


LLP Category:

Course - Online / Distance

Suitable For:

Personal Trainer (EQF L4)

Learning Type:

LLP Category 1

Learning Hours:




Exam Access:  365 days (1 year) from date of purchase
Exam Attempts:  3
# of Questions on Exam:  100
Time limit for Exam:  90 minutes
Passing Score:  70
Course Content:  368-page textbook, 27 hours of video, 15 modules of online study materials, 14 quizzes, 1-100 question practice exam
Certificate: Mailed via USPS 4-6 weeks after passing exam


United States, Web based 'online' learning