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Essentials of Mental Coaching


Mental coaching is, besides attention to physical training and nutrition, the most essential pillar for achieving sustainable results with your client. It is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to increase the chances of achieving goals.
Help your customers become aware of their personal obstacles. Enable them to reduce or eliminate resistances, discover new possibilities and adjust their behavior to achieve set goals.
There are no pre-requisites to access this course.

Learning Outcomes:

During this training the student will learn to:
- attune his own behavior to the behavior of others;
- be aware of his own behavior and its impact on others;
- to notice and identify the non-verbal signals from his customers;
- recognize the customers motives, or help bring them to light, so that the client is mobilized through their own will;
- deal with resistance;
- recognize, discuss and break down the customers barriers.


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Course - Face to Face

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LLP Category 1

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