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Lorenzo Sommo


Natural Movements Workshop


Natural movements is presented as a fitness program that combines movement techniques inspired by the animal world, positions and transitions deriving from yoga and PNF techniques, seeking balance between mobility and stability, control and reactivity

It is an integration to the work of training revolution from which the concept of functional work resumes and continues The goal is to manage the training of the movement through the parameter of the articular R.O.M. progression and the maximum body awareness.

Work protocols will be developed on the ground, standing up and then integrated one to the other. The work will be developed to be modular and adaptable to any type of customer.

The teacher at the end of the workshop will have the basic structures to approach the practice immediately with simple and finalized elements.

Learning Outcomes:

After workshop trainers will be able to program and teach functional mobility classes for different types of clients modulating the intensity and planning the objectives according to the search for the best static and dynamic balance from a global perspective in relation to the relationship between the kinetic chains


LLP Category:

Course - Face to Face

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Learning Type:

LLP Category 1

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No formal assessment but observation throughout on training materials covered




English, Italian

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